Therese Cirner, LPC, NCC is a Licensed Professional Counselor providing counseling services in Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding areas. Please call (772) 321-2100 for more information.  
Therese Cirner has been in private practice for 23 years working with marriages, families, children and individuals. She specializes in relationships, mood disorders of anxiety and depression, life transitions and assisting clients in coping with complex life issues, including trauma recovery and the unique challenges of sorting through childhood relationships.
  Mrs. Cirner's counseling practice integrates the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of a person. As a science, psychology gives us significant insights into some of the behavioral and biochemical aspects of human life. At the same time, the human person is more than these. This is where faith engages life. Therese utilizes the science of psychology, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the experience of years of clinical work together to give her clients the best of this integrated therapy.
One time consultation or evaluation. If you are unsure you want to start counseling or if you have an issue on which you would like a professional opinion, I can arrange a one time consultation.  
Individual Counseling. For adults who are facing issues such as relationship problems, transitions in life, depression, anxiety, social problems or the current effects of childhood problems . 
Marriage and Family Counseling. Couples issues, family dynamics and parenting concerns. These relationships are so critical to our well-being, it is worth investing time and energy in them.

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